We have some good news surrounding the “pop-up parties” that have been creating havoc in our local New Jersey towns.  These illegal events have created violence, property damage, as well as general safety concerns.  None of this really sounds like a party does it?

The Mayor of Point Pleasant Beach doesn't think so either.  After Long Branch experienced near-riot outcomes at their pop-up, Mayor Paul Kanitra joined forces with law enforcement to take action.  He didn't mince words when asked about the pop-up party planners,

All it takes is one loser on Facebook like this guy here who thinks he's a promoter trying to look cool to his followers to create chaos and economic disasters.  They're just doing it to create content for Tik Toks and their Instagram accounts so they can show off to the other idiots online who watch them.

The next pop-up party was supposed to happen on June 18th  in Point Pleasant Beach but officials actually filed a lawsuit to halt the scheduled party and its planners.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday.  It sought an injunction to force organizers to publicly cancel future parties and abstain from planning any others.

Two of the organizers have been caught and identified. The lawsuit seeks to force two of the organizers, Wavell Thompson of East Orange and Semya Gill of Vauxhall, to call off the events and stop creating a "public nuisance" according to The Patch.

The latest invite was telling people to meet in Point Pleasant Beach on June 18 and in Long Branch on June 19, telling them to bring their own weed and booze.  It promised a twerking contest and boxing match as well.

Our local towns don't seem to be against planning or allowing events, but proper planning has to be in place to safely accommodate the higher volume of people.  What would it look like if people relieved themselves in the street because there were no porta-potties?

Sanitation, adequate police presence, EMS services, and enough restrooms need to be present and kids don't think like that.  Permits must be obtained in advance to ensure all of the above.

This lawsuit is similar to the one filed last week by Long Branch against six people, including the two planners mentioned above, in connection with the May 21 pop-up party.

It does feel like we learned how to deal with and prevent this sort of thing going forward. One thing is for sure, the internet changes the game.

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