We all enjoyed this amazing pizza and I'm sure you'll spot us going back there again!

(Joc, Liz, Millie, Don, Lou, and Tom Hayes, TSM photo)
(Joc, Liz, Millie, Don, Lou, and Tom Hayes, TSM photo)

Maruca's Tomato Pies has been featured worldwide on TV shows but has always been known and loved by loyal locals who eat there whenever they're on the Seaside Boardwalk.

Who would have thought Domenic Maruca and Sammy Boyd  would surprise us by coming up the coast to Asbury Park? What a wonderful addition to the AP Boardwalk!

Our friend Tom Hayes treated the Point Morning Show and company to Maruca's of Asbury Park last Friday and we LOVED eating this awesome pizza at their giant picnic tables overlooking the ocean under huge umbrellas for shade.

What's funny is that when we ordered the pies, they asked us if we wanted them cut in 8 or 16 slices. We couldn't imagine why they would ask that, because we had NO IDEA how GIANT their pies are!!!! Although you can't tell from the photo, that pie is easily 24"! It's so big that the to-go box wouldn't fit flat in my car, LOL!!! Oh, all that cheesy deliciousness!!!! I love their signature swirl of sauce. I can't wait to have it again!

If you're looking for it, Maruca's of Asbury Park is located on the Boardwalk near Third and Ocean, next to the mini-golf (between Silverball Arcade and Convention Hall) across from our Point mobile studio.


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