The Lupus Research Alliance is a non-profit organization that is running the Polar Bear Plunge to Freeze Out Lupus that is coming up in Asbury Park on February 3rd. **Click on the link to register or donate **

Their goal is to raise money towards Lupus research so that new treatments can be discovered with the hopes of eventually being able to cure this auto-immune disease.

One very unique attribute of this organization is that the board funds all of the administrative and fundraising costs so 100% of the proceeds go towards Lupus research.

Events such as the upcoming Polar Bear Plunge are held to show love and support towards those infected such as Miah and her mom, Elizabeth, who have taken an active role in raising awareness of Lupus.

If you are looking for a cause, The Lupus Research Alliance is definitely where you want to be because they were just named among the Top 5 Charities to Donate to.

Let's all come together and make a difference.

For more information, visit their Facebook Page or

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