The annual James Volpe Foundation's Wiffleball Tournament in Jackson will still have some of the same feels but will also have some changes come first pitch next month.

In each of the 9 previous tournaments, there would be a family tournament, you could walk around, have some food and enjoy all the fun family activities outside of wiffleball including a gift basket auction and a bounce house for the kids.

Most of that won't be present in the annual tournament coming up August 1 the event continues not just to have fun but to help provide funds to grant scholarships to high school athletes and honor the memory of the former Jackson Memorial baseball star, James Volpe.

"We still wanted to have the event to remember James," Foundation Vice-President John Mucia tells Townsquare Media News/Shore Sports Network. "We're not so much focused on making money this year in terms of just being able to get some people together in a safe way and enjoy the day and play some wiffleball."

With the extra activities not in the starting lineup for this year's tournament, they'll be focused on the games themselves.

"We're just going to have wiffleball only and people aren't being encouraged to come if they're not playing wiffleball," Mucia said. "Obviously, for those parents who have young children playing, they're going to be allowed to come into the tournament."

For the players and those around the games, Mucia explains that the Foundation will be adhering to the rules, restrictions and regulations put in place by the Governor and Little League for healthy and safety.

"We will have things spaced out as much as possible, we'll have hand sanitizer at the event, we will have masks for anyone that doesn't bring them," Mucia said.

You can expect the games to look about the same with only 3-4 players on each team playing on the field.

"The way the game is played, those 3 players on the field will be spaced out and then obviously the other team up, you'll have one guy up to bat and the other two or three guys just need to stand 6-feet away," Mucia said. "There's always been plenty of room even with no restrictions, so I don't see that being any type of problem."

If you're not feeling well, stay home.

If you are feeling well but still don't feel comfortable going this year, Mucia says you don't have to feel obliged to attend because health and safety come first.

In the event, you are staying home but would still like to donate to the non-profit organization and show support, you can go to their website, social media pages or eventbrite page which is where tickets are sold if you are indeed going to watch the games.


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