Just a few months ago we heard the news that Macy's was shutting down more than a hundred stores throughout the country.

The company was changing its retail strategy opening smaller stores no longer in malls to meet changing consumer preferences.

The very first in New Jersey just recently opened in Burlington County and another store is coming soon to Camden County.

CNN reports:

"Macy’s will also build 30 smaller stores over the next two years away from malls, reflecting a trend of consumers choosing smaller stores outside of enclosed shopping malls. Smaller stores are also more profitable for Macy’s because they have fewer workers and carry less merchandise."

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It's set up similar to a full-size store, but just smaller with departments for women, men, and children, plus there's a cosmetic area.

This new smaller Macy's store just opened in Mount Laurel.

It's located just off Route 38 in Centerton Square in the old Bed Bath & Beyond building. It's in a good location right near Target.

The 2nd spot is set to open in Cherry Hill in the Route 70 Market Place at Garden State Park complex, according to 42 Freeway.

The full Macy's department store can be found at the Cherry Hill Mall.

If these smaller stores are successful, what does that mean for the mall location? Will it eventually shut down like many other locations are expected to close this fiscal year?

There are so many vacant buildings in towns throughout New Jersey. If you're wondering what can fill that space, here are some suggestions.

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