Madonna‘s much-hyped Super Bowl XLVI halftime show was a golden, gladiator-inspired spectacle that featured assists from LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee Lo Green.

The set opened with ‘Vogue’ and warrior-dancers brandishing shields and wearing battle skirts. It was like a fashionable version of ’300.’ The Material Girl entered while being carried on a throne, wearing a gold cape. She quickly ditched the cape to reveal black leather gloves and thigh high black leather boots as she sang on the golden throne. The word ‘Vogue’ was written on the floorboards of the stage as she sang a truncated version of the song.

Madge was obviously lip syncing for the entire performance but to her credit, she stayed in time with the track and did what she had to do. She was under ridiculous time constraints.

She launched into the title track from 2000′s ‘Music’ and there was almost a crotch shot when she was dancing in front of a balance bar at the top of the bleachers on the stage set. She tripped a little, but maintained her grace and didn’t go down. She was surrounded by dancers with track suits with music notes on them and tightrope dancer, and Madge herself did cartwheels.

LMFAO were on the stage, acting like DJs, wearng glittery gladiator garb and Madge hopped up on one of their shoulders for a hot sec. It was Red Foo who had the honor of hoisting Madonna over his head. They mashed up ‘Party Rock Anthem’ with ‘Music’ as she shuffled with the boys and declared, “I’m sexy and I know it.”

The next song in the set was her new single ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’,’ where Madge shook gold pom poms. Minaj and M.I.A. collab on the single, so they got their Super Bowl close up during this performance. Minaj wore a white platinum wig and it was so strange to see M.I.A. wearing serious statement heels since her attire is usually much more street. Madge shook her thang and hip checked both her guest vocalists. At this point, one of her thigh-high boots began to slide a little, but that was the only sorta-but-not-really wardrobe malfunction. True to her promise, there were no nip slips!

Cee Lo showed up as the leader of a marching band. He and Madge sang a line or two from songs of all eras of Madonnadom like ‘Open Your Heart’ and ‘Express Yourself.’

For ‘Like a Prayer,’ a choir joined Madge and Cee Lo on stage. They both wore robes favored by religious types but of course Cee Lo’s monk-like cassack was all blinged out and glittery.

Madge ended the performance and her 2012 Super Bowl XLVI halftime set by dropping down through a chute on the stage in a plume of smoke.

That’s what we call an exit. The words “World Peace” appeared on the stage and that concluded halftime entertainment.

Even with the lip syncing, it was fully entertaining.

Watch Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show

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