A red M&M candy strips down, sheds his shell and wiggles it to LMFAO‘s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ in one of the funniest Super Bowl XLVI commercials.

The spot, dubbed ‘Just My Shell,’ features a brown, glasses-wearing female M&M is trying to have an intelligent conversation at a party with a prime minister, who is a fan of chocolate. But she is being laughed at and is quite irritated about it. Two hot chicks tell her that people think she is naked. She is offended at such an assumption, saying, “My shell is brown so it looks like my milk chocolate is showing” and remarks that only a fool would think she showed up naked!

That’s when the red M&M (and a fool, according to her logic) shouts, “Oh, it’s that kind of party” and rips off his shell and dances his ass off to ‘Sexy and I Know It,’ effectively getting naked in a crowded room. He may be sexy and know it, but doesn’t know that it’s not that kind of party.

He’s is wiggling it while everyone looks at him in shock.

Hilarious. One of the best we’ve seen, as it pays homage to the true party rock spirit of LMFAO in candy form!

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