Lately it seems that tattoos are more prevalent now than ever before. People of all ages across the world are getting inked. Many celebrities and athletes are even setting trends with their body art. Just like any fad, there are always a handful of people who take things way too far. Tattoos are permanent, and the tough consequences that go along with the type of tattoos one gets and their location on the body to get can be pretty hard to face after getting a tattoo.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets the message clear when it comes to getting tattoos. Thanks to the crew at, we get to see these individuals displayed on endless pages of people with stupid, incorrectly-spelled, unattractive, and offensive tattoos.

If you're like us, then you're wondering what in the world this guy in the photo below was ever thinking when he got this tattoo.

Walmart Tattoo
Rihanna Tattoo

Perhaps inspired by Rihanna's latest "Thug Life" tatted knuckles, the man who decided to get "WALMART" inked on his fingers could not have been sane or sober, right?...Unless he received a pretty big check from Walmart!

Either way, tattooing your fingers is a huge and very risky step. How does one explain to a future employer the origin of a "Thug Life" or "Walmart Tatoo"? Both are quite stupid decisions if you ask us, but we want your input!

Vote below on which tattoo is worse - and chime in with your tattoo horror stories in the comments!






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