A school board in Little Egg Harbor is contemplating whether or not to completely pull copies of a sex education magazine from a junior high library after parents and others in the community have complained about its content.

The magazines were just recently taken off tables and placed on shelves throughout the library, but officials are considering getting rid of them all together.

According to Pinelands Regional School District board member Stephen Kubrici, the magazines go beyond teaching kids what they need to know about sex and find the images unsettling.

However, a spokeswoman of the magazine's organization explained that the magazines are reviewed by doctors and must be approved before publication.

I understand wanting to keep the school environment appropriate, but keeping students hidden from a world that they know exists only results in hasty and rebellious actions. Just like anything else, if you keep it hidden it comes off as forbidden fruit -- it is the only thing that they will want.

Check out the original article at NJ.com.

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