This just goes to show you: don't always believe everything you read.

There is severe weather expected for Manasquan today and later on this week but someone thought that we all had to prepare for a tsunami.

Yea, no. There is no tsunami to worry about for this least in Manasquan that is.

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There was an alert siren malfunctioning that took place at approximately 8:15 AM and that is what scared everyone into thinking that the Manasquan area has to prepare for an oncoming tsunami.

Well thank goodness I can officially tell you that this was an error.

The borough did say that they will conduct an investigation on the system malfunction so we can avoid future false alarms. Um yea....that would be great. LOL.

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What you SHOULD be prepared for on Tuesday, August 25th is some possible severe thunderstorms this afternoon which could result in damaging winds, possible flooding and possible power outages.

There also could be some more severe weather later on this week as a result of Tropical Storm Laura but it doesn't seem to be anything close to tsunami level.

What a relief, right? that we got out of the way....enjoy the rest of your day! Oh and don't forget to grab an umbrella just in case.

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