We've all done it. We've all driven on Route 35 through Mantoloking and dreamed. We dreamed that we could brew our morning coffee and sip it on one of our many balconies overlooking the ocean.

And if you drive on Route 35, you know that construction has been underway on an unbelievable home on the ocean that should get a starring role in the next big Hollywood blockbuster.

And each time you passed by, it seemed to keep getting bigger and more beautiful. Construction is not complete, but there are some details about this incredible home that we can share with you.

I have to admit, there are a dozen homes on this amazing stretch of road I'm in love with, but there is something about this home that makes me want to choose my Power Ball numbers carefully.

This house is not even complete, and yet it seems to be calling my name. Here's the good news for you if you love it, too. The bank has told me that the house calling my name is simply not enough, so it looks like it's still available for the time being.

The house has actually been on the market now for just over 200 days.

The first question you want to be answered is about the price, and I bet your first guess is pretty close to the asking price. Here are the details.

Your Dream House In Mantoloking Is Under Construction

Sure, you need a little imagination to picture the completely finished product, but not that much. Now, if we could only manage that little thing called the financial stuff we'd be all set.

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