And the marijuana debate continues at the Jersey Shore.

So in case you have not been following, a massive amount of towns here at the Jersey Shore seem against having marijuana dispensaries and to be honest I cannot imagine why between the jobs economic burst it will bring along with it!

Well a new development has ensued. Government officials are now suggesting to have designating marijuana consumption zones.

"Some private homes are really not appropriate for consumption, such as apartment buildings or public housing," said State Senator Nicholas Scutari. "We're looking to kind of flesh that out to allow people to consume without interfering with other people's enjoyment of life. Perhaps something adjacent to the dispensaries."

I really do believe people are freaked out about marijuana just because of what it has been labeled as in the past.

People are legally allowed to smoke cigarettes in their own households, how is marijuana any different? But it has been made clear that this is going to be a fight every...step...of....the....way.....

Can everyone just relax and take a hit already!

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