Last summer the Atlantic City Alliance offered two free concerts on the beach in late July 2014. The concerts featured country act Blake Shelton and the country/pop group Lady Antebellum. This weekend, we are hearing reports that Maroon 5 will be performing on the beach in Atlantic City this summer. Here's what we know as of Saturday afternoon:

We've heard for a while that there would be two shows on the beach in Atlantic City. Rumors have swirled that one of the shows would feature country music, and the other show would feature a pop music act. Don Guardian, Atlantic City's mayor, has been pretty excited for this year's concerts, according to recent interviews.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that the Atlantic City Alliance plans to announce the details for the first beach show of the summer this Monday. Melanie Sole, a spokeswoman for the Atlantic City Alliance, told the Press of Atlantic City that the details for a show will be announced on Monday. She did not provide any more details.

Of course, rumors have been swirling around the area about that show. The Press of Atlantic City says they've heard from multiple sources that Maroon 5 would be the pop act to play the August show on the beach.

A difference for this show versus last year's, however, is that the show would not be totally free. Concert goers would have to pay for tickets to this show, but any pricing structure is not clear at this point.

Details for the expected second act this summer on the beach are not expected to be announced on Monday.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Lady Antebellum concert in Atlantic City last summer, and I must admit: it was the best thing I did all summer long! There was something magical about the band's performance in front 65,000 fans on the beach. The band definitely fed off that vibe, and the concert was beautiful! The ocean just to the side of the stage, and the boardwalk to the other side. It was a great time!

Assuming the reports are true, I highly recommend that Maroon 5 fans pay attention to the announcement on Monday. I am not sure how much the tickets will cost to see the show, but it really could be a once in a lifetime experience for any fan.

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