It is not that I don't love to spend a Sunday tailgating with family and friends.

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But attending professional sports games, live shows and concerts in New Jersey and New York just isn't worth it anymore.

Here's why.

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I was chatting with one of our producers, Mario, about his weekend.

He took his daughter to her very first Red Bulls soccer game and it was a huge success! She had so much fun and can't wait to go back.

"I don't know how soon I'll be bringing her back though," he said.

Why? Because you are not just paying for the tickets to the actual game anymore.

You have to pay for parking, the gas to get there, food, drinks and souvenirs if you choose.

Mario told me he got a hotdog, popcorn, a water and a pizza for the two of them to share.

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It cost $50.00!

I understand the venue needs to make a profit but that is the cost of a full, sit down dinner for two right there.

I need to pay how much for a hotdog at a football game? A game....

I do know a lot of people who make a point to not buy anything inside the stadium and t hey save a buttload doing this.

But ya know what? Sometimes when I am finally splurging to go to a concert with my bestie, I want to get a drink or two to sip while I dance.

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This should not double the amount of money I spend for the night...but at times, it does.

This isn't even the worst of what fans have been expected to spend to show love for their favorite team.

When the new MetLife Stadium was built, they wanted fans to pay $10K upfront for a personal seat license.

THEN it was time to purchase the tickets to actually see the game.

No. My Dad not renew his season passes.

(Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
(Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

It is still just a soccer game, just a football game or just a pop concert.

Yes, you are watching the best of the best and it is not that I don't admire the hard work it takes to reach that level.

However, if you make it impossible to attend your game or show without dropping $200, you are pretty much betraying the fans who put you in that position in the first place.

Part of the problem can also be attributed to the fact that some professional athletes make as much as $200 million per year.

No one needs that much money.

Nils Lofgren E Street Band gear
'This Is Us' sticks with NJ actor, E Street spring cleaning - The NJ Breakroom (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

You're telling me that athletes can't live a happy and luxurious life making $5,000,000 per year to play ball when they can also make endorsements on top of it?


Part of the problem is, of course, inflation.

However, drinks being marked up 200% at a stadium or concert venue is not a new problem.

Now that everyone has even less money to spend on fun activities, it does become pretty unenjoyable when you have to cringe at the total amount you spent.

And ya know what? Sports and entertainment aren't the only things that have gotten too expensive:

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