Once fishermen hooked a 500-pound thrasher it took them three hours to reel the shark in.

It all happened Sunday off the coast of Sandy Hook. The official weight of the shark was 510 pounds. It was 94 inches long.

Three fishermen from Staten Island have been catching sharks for a while, but none of them were expecting their boat to rock dramatically when the 500 pounder latched onto the hook.

It was at this point that the guys strapped onto their 23-foot boat for what they knew was going to be an intense battle.

Joseph Egitto told New Jersey Advanced Media that the shark was so powerful that its pull was rotating the boat. The three fishermen switched taking the reel and taking care of the boat.

As the shark pulled down, you felt your bodyweight go light. A couple of times the shark pulled us so hard when we were strapped into the harness that we stumbled into the back of the boat. It’s crazy, it’s literally man versus beast.

[source: NJ.com]

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