Jenks Boardwalk Goes Wild
Lou and Liz took their show on the road for another beautiful Wednesday morning at Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach.  Like last time, our friends at Jenkinson's Aquarium stopped by and brought a few of their favorite buddies.
Shark sightings, attacks worry New Jersey beachgoers
Shark sightings off the New Jersey coastline have forced swimmers out of the water more than once already this summer, North Carolina's coast has been plagued by several shark attacks since June, and to top it off, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
How to Survive A Shark Attack
It is that time again the sun on your skin, warm weather, school is out, and the beach is your only priority.  Yes, it is time for summer and with summer coming it is important to keep in mind some helpful safety tips.
The Best Ways To Celebrate Shark Week
It's Shark Week on Discovery, that magical time of year when the interwebs go nuts about something most of us don't watch or care about the rest of the year.
However, should you want to partake in the trend without actually having to watch Shark After Dark/Sharkpocalypse/VooDoo Sharks -- al…

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