I've stopped by because I see a car and an open sign on the door. 

I've called their phone number and it says they're still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They're not sure when they will re-open. For years, this place was the place to stop by on the way to Seaside.

I headed to Joe Joe's Facebook page and the hours aren't right but it says they're open. Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs ("where every sandwich is a meal") is located on Rt. 37 East, on the way to Seaside Heights. Several of my friends told me about this place years ago. Family members would come to Seaside and say they have the best hot dogs and cheese steaks.

Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs building looks a little rundown and the grass on the backside of the building looks really, really high...but, that might not be their property. Yesterday I was driving by, two cars were in the parking lot, and it looked like the lights were on, but no one was in the building. Maybe I just don't know the right hours to go.

Do you know if Joe Joe's has re-opened? They might have certain hours and I'm just missing their open time. It's sad if they couldn't re-open again after the pandemic.

I looked at their website and their hours for Thursday (when I drove by), they should've been open until 5:30pm. I can't figure it out.

I know speaking to so many listeners from Toms River and beyond, they love Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs and the great memories and delicious food they had on the way to the beach, especially when they were younger.

Is Joe Joe's Italian Hot Dogs closed? If they are, are they re-opening?

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