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Having curves is nothing to be ashamed of and Lizzo is teaching women around the world just that.

The "Truth Hurts" singer just launched a new show on Amazon Prime Video and it is all about body positivity. It is called Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrrls.

Clearly, we need more of Lizzo in this world because this self-love themed show has already shot to the #1 spot.

The premise of the show is simple. According to NBCNews.com, Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, "follows 13 plus-size woman as they compete to become Lizzo's backup dancers for the 2021 Bonnaroo music festival."

The series starts with 13 dancers, but only 10 will be able to join Lizzo for the final Bonnaroo performance.

The singer revealed her inspiration for this new series is to offer a platform to a demographic of women who otherwise are not represented.

In addition to hosting the new reality series, Lizzo is also an executive producer. Therefore, she took the opportunity to change how reality television is done.

“It was important that I changed the narrative of what a reality competition television show looks like,” said Lizzo according to NBCNews.com. “We don’t always have to be cruel. We can be kind, and we don’t have to pit people against each other. I feel like it’s hard enough in the dance world already for girls who look like me, so why would I create that environment in my space? If I have the power to change that, why not change that?”


Well guess what?

There is a dancer from New Jersey who is actually a contestant on the show!

Here name is Kiara Moorning. You can check her out on Instagram at @kiaradominique.

According to NJ.com, Kiara was born in, "Trenton, graduated from Ewing High School and studied marketing at Kean University in Union."

So basically...she is your typical born & raised Jersey girl and I am here for it.

Mooring reveals she applied for the show last spring and got the call that she would be on Lizzo's show only a week later!

Filming took place this past August and September in Los Angeles! She got to stay in the Luxe Big Grrrl mansion...I wonder what a "big girl" mansion includes?

In addition, Kiara confirmed what we already revealed above -- competing on this reality show was unlike any other reality show she has watched because the contestants are told to encourage one another, not tear each other down.

And what was it like meeting Lizzo? Kiara said it was better than she could have ever imagined!

“It was just like catching up with an old friend, she was just easy to talk to ... She’s a beautiful woman, inside and out,” said Mooring according to NJ.com.

I'm not surprised. Lizzo seems like the most chill, down to earth person that I would happy to grab a few cocktails with.
Kiara also opened up about her own personal body image struggles:

“I’ve had some hate because of the way that I look, and as an artist, that’s happened a lot,” said Moorning. “They don’t want big girls to be sexy. They don’t want us to be happy and that’s why this show is so important to me. It’s hard to love yourself in a world that doesn’t love you back.”

Well Kiara....you are curvy, you are sexy and you are helping to pave the way for other thick women everywhere.

Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Check it out so we can cheer Kiara on!


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