Hey Jersey Shore fans...you could meet Sammi Sweetheart at the Grand Opening of her brand new shop on the Ocean City (New Jersey) Boardwalk in June, according to the shop's official Facebook page.

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, one of the original cast members of MTV's Jersey Shore (she dated Ronnie...oh, the drama), is opening the new clothing and home decor boutique, called Sweetheart Coast, this summer, with the Grand Opening set for Monday, June 14th. If you're one of the first 50 people there, you'll get to meet Sammi, and receive a special gift. So exciting. I want to go.

The new shop is located at 1356 Boardwalk (for those who aren't familiar with OCNJ, it's on the boardwalk at 13th Street). So, why did Giancola choose the Ocean City boardwalk as the home for her first brick and mortar shop?  Well, Sammi and her family have been visiting Ocean City since she was a child, so it seemed right. The new shop will carry some items exclusive to the Ocean City location. I'm guessing (and hoping) some "beachy" stuff.

Sammi, from Hazlet, NJ, is no rookie to the clothing biz. Since starring on Jersey Shore, she created her online clothing store, Sweetheart Styles, in 2013. It's become very popular, and has been getting great reviews since its launch.

Summer's almost here. Head to Ocean City, New Jersey, and check out Sammi's new shop. While you're there grab some pizza, ice cream, fudge, crab fries, play some mini golf, go on some rides...and so much more. I love spending time in OCNJ, it's always so much fun

Maybe I'll see you there.

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Gallery: Check Out This Remodeled 1860 NJ Shore House

Many people wish they had a shore house so they would not have to worry about not being able to book a weekend down the shore. If you are like us, you probably go on real estate websites and just check out some shore houses that are for sale and start manifesting that you will own a shore house one day. 

On Zillow, we found this beautiful shore house located in Spring Lake, NJ. According to the ad on Zillow, this $5,499,000 was originally built in 1860. We are sure that when buyers hear that a house was built in the 1800s they would rather turn away from the house and never hear about it again. But not in this case. 

This Spring Lake shore house is just amazing. It's a remodeled 6 bedroom, 7 baths shore house that is within walking distance from the ocean. If you just prefer to chill poolside you can do that also because this shore house has a heated, in-ground, salt water pool, according to Zillow

Just in case you were interested to know how much the monthly mortgage would be on a $5,499,000 house would be, well, it is estimated at $29,218 a month. 


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