I don't know why, but I seem to have a very healthy dose of optimism regarding Friday's Mega Millions drawing.

When I heard that no one got won the whole thing, my first thought was "maybe I'll wait til after Friday to finish my Christmas shopping". I really thought that. I actually was going to push off shopping at the busiest time of the year a few days, just in case I hit the Mega Millions. Now that's optimism.

I'm not sure where the optimism comes from, but I like it. I am pretty sure that the whole situation will probably end with me just being two more days behind on shopping, but at least I know between now and then that my shot at winning is not 0%.

And that's all I ask. Just give me a better than 0% chance and I'm happy. The Mega Millions jackpot could climb to $400 million by Friday, which would be the second highest in the lottery's history, according to nbc.com. Word has it that one ticket worth a million bucks is floating around somewhere in New Jersey after Tuesday's drawing. Hope it's you!

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