Tomorrow we say goodbye to our Ocean Township studios. No worries, we're not leaving your radios, we're just moving. For those of you who have seen our studios, you know the walls are covered with posters and signs...our history here at the Point. My contributions are a little more vibrant than most.

When nicer whether comes around, we give people the chance to "Show Us Your Point" -- make a creative sign featuring the Point and a particular artist, with winners joining me in a limo to see said artist live in concert at either The Today Show or, in one especially memorable instance for me, Good Morning America.

All told, I've probably done it ten times. I've spent a good amount of my salary at craft stores buying neon posterboard, markers, and glue...spent literally hours thinking of witty sayings and making signs with the hopes of getting on TV and maybe getting an autograph.

Well...I've always gotten them on TV, and on a few occasions, I got some autographs, cool pictures, and a chance to chat with some of my favorite musicians and TV hosts...if not a few laughs from the stage and the people around me.

I've had some incredibly memorable experiences on these trips, and got to hang out with a lot of listeners, many of whom I now consider friends.

Taking these signs off the walls is a little bittersweet for me.  While I'll take my autographed signs with me, I'm not quite sure what to do with them. I know I won't hang them in my house (the neon would make me nuts) and we won't be able to hang them in the new studio...but it just feels wrong to throw them away.

I've decided to save the autographed ones and let the rest go.

I know my memories from "Today" are not just kept in this studio.

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