ATTENTION Metuchen residents and visitors: the mayor is asking for your help.

In a recent announcement, Metuchen Mayor Jonathan Busch said that there has been, "a long sting of what he calls bad behaviors in the town plaza" from teenagers.

This includes large gatherings despite the warnings from the CDC to continue practicing social distancing, property damage, littering and other reckless behavior that is chasing business away from our local businesses.

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Get this: a group of teenagers were even just recently arrested because they chose to drive their car ONTO the empty plaza. (No, cars and bikes are not allowed on the plaza)

So naturally, Metuchen Mayor is hoping Jersey Shore teenagers listen to his warning and Busch is also turning to the parents for their help to get this situation under control.

"It's about calling out bad behavior when we see it,” Busch says. "But the biggest concern here is that, whatever the reason, there are some bad behaviors that we're noticing. There's been an uptick, and we want to be sure that we have a community conversation about what we say to our kids, what's allowed, what's not. We have a borough ordinance. It has to be followed."

Metuchen will now have an increase in police presence because teenagers won't act a mess if cops are watching them....hopefully.

Teenagers, heed Mayor Busch's warning seriously because if you don't, your freedoms will disappear fast. Get ready for constant supervision, curfews and more if this bad behavior doesn't stop.

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