Sadly, store closings over the past two years have become commonplace.

This one is kind of surprising though.

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Lately, business closings have unfortunately been locally-owned operations.

Even when a chain closed its doors, especially retail, it was part of a nationwide scaleback.

New Jersey Advanced Media is reporting that a popular Monmouth County Walgreens will be closing.

Why? Here's what a spokesperson told

As we continue to execute our strategy to expand Walgreens role as a leader in the delivery of healthcare, we are focused on creating the right network of stores in the right locations to best meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Not really a clear answer, right?

Usually, we hear that the shutdown will happen "in a couple of months," or "by the end of the (insert season here)."

Try February 28.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yes, the Middletown Walgreens in the Middletown Plaza on Route 35 will be gone for good by the end of the month.

That is not a lot of time to get prescriptions transferred to a new pharmacy.

If you've never gone through that process, be thankful. It can be a real headache.

Customers are being pointed to the two nearest Walgreens locations for their needs.

Belford - 78 Leonardville Road

Google Maps
Google Maps

Port Monmouth - 375 Rt. 36 

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just a heads up that if you are a current customer at the Route 35 Middtown Walgreens that is closing, your prescriptions will automatically transfer to one of the two Walgreens above.

If you're not planning on staying with Walgreens, now is the time to let them know.

Speaking of closings, how many of these do you remember?

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