Well this is a rather creative way to promote reading.

Leonardo Elementary School in Middletown Township added a vending machine that dispenses books to their hallways over the Summer.

But it gets even better. This machine does not take regular money.

Instead, students can get books with gold coins that are given out to students who perform exceedingly well or win student of the month.

This machine can hold up to 20 different books and can hold a total of between 200 to 300 books total at one time.

This machine has only been in the works for about a month but so far, it seems to be doing well.

I actually got to speak with Pete Smith, principal at Leonardo Elementary School who says that this machine has made the students extremely excited only a few weeks in!

There is talk that other surrounding school districts will be adding these machines to their schools with hopes of encouraging kids to pick up a book and read!

But be ready to pay: The machine cost $3,800 and was paid for by the PTA.

This is definitely a creative way to get kids reading. Overall, kids will want to be rewarded for good behavior and then will want to use their reward for a physical gift.

Let's hope this gets the ball rolling because we all know there is nothing like reading a book the "old-fashioned" way!

Would you want this type of vending machine brought to your kid's school?

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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