I love being able to share good news....especially when everyone needs it!

If you have been keeping up with the Jersey-Shore based MTV series, "Jersey Shore Family Vacation," you will know that Mike The Situation is now out of jail and has been looking to start a family with his wife Lauren as soon as possible.

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The couple was very open when Lauren suffered a miscarriage once Mike was released from prison in the Fall of 2019.

But they made it known that they shared their story to offer support to other couples who have gone through the same ordeal. Very admirable.

Well think good thoughts only because Mike The Situation and Lauren are officially expecting!!

The couple made the announcement by posting some of the cutest photos on social media. Even their dog is seen with the couple celebrating their newest addition the family.

A lot of the fellow Jersey Shore Family Vacation stars have already commented wishing the couple congratulations.

The reality duo has made their efforts to start a family very well-known and have even attended doctors appointments on the show.

I wish them nothing but the best. Especially after being so brave and going through some very tough struggles in the public eye so others would know that they are not alone.

Mike The Situation....I think it is safe to say you are no longer under construction.

Congratulations on the upcoming Meatball!

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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