Mother Nature will treat the Garden State to another pleasant day on Tuesday, before temperatures tumble and winds gust starting Tuesday night.

Rapidly changing weather conditions are a hallmark of the Spring season here in the Garden State. So let's ride the dips with a smile and a wave, knowing that semi-permanent warmth will arrive eventually.

A few showers and sprinkles passed through central and southern New Jersey early Tuesday morning. Nothing to write home about — just don't be surprised if you see and/or feel a few raindrops early on. Through late Tuesday morning, skies will remain mostly cloudy. But I'm optimistic that sunshine will break through Tuesday afternoon, pushing skies to partly sunny or even mostly sunny.

Tuesday's high temperatures are expected to reach a few degrees warmer than Monday's. Thermometers should top out in the 50s statewide, possibly coming close to 60 degrees in South Jersey. That is just a hair above normal for late March.

Our next weather-maker will arrive late Tuesday night, as a cold front traverses the state around Midnight. While our atmosphere will likely be too dry for any rainfall to form, we will see a significant increase in wind through the early Wednesday morning hours. Sustained winds through Wednesday will peak in the 15 to 25 mph range, with potential gusts to 40 mph.

That northwesterly wind will usher in noticeably cooler air for Wednesday, as high temperatures will be limited to the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. That would be chilly even in the middle of winter, especially with that wind. At least mostly sunny skies will counteract some of that chill.

Thursday stays cold and sunny, as winds lighten up. Highs will still only reach about 40 degrees.

Our next warming trend kicks in Friday, as high temps recover to around the 50 degree mark. Skies will be partly sunny, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few showers associated with this warm front.

Saturday looks to be the warmest day of the week. Thermometers will battle against mostly cloudy skies, but I think highs will reach the 60s for the vast majority of New Jersey.

The Sunday forecast shows a storm system that will bring us a prolonged period of rain, possible lasting through Monday. Again, just rain — it looks like temperatures will stay above freezing for the duration.

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

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