We have usernames and passwords for everything now. We take the time to come up with a strong password to keep our information secure...and we're still not safe.

Millions of users of dating site eHarmony.com and professional networking site linkedin.com had their passwords leaked by hackers in the last week.

The hackers then posted the passwords on various places throughout the internet, including Twitter.

CBS News reports that both companies are investigating the security breach and have reset the passwords of those affected, as well as contacted them to inform them of the issue.

The biggest threat here is for those who use the same password across multiple sites. It leaves you vulnerable to identity theft and more.

I use so many sites that require passwords. If we are supposed to use different ones for all of them, how do you keep track of them all?

Do you worry about your online passwords? How do you remember them all? Share your comments below!

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