Between the wildly successful MTV televisions series Jersey Shore and being located right near New York, New Jersey's reputation has suffered quite enough.

There have been quite a few stereotypes that have circulated but honestly, a good portion of them that I have heard are completely FALSE.

Let's set the record straight and don't make me say it again.

Fist Pump

No we don't all do it. Some of us can actually dance thank you very much.


I have not hidden my feelings on tanning. We do not all prepare to get tan by going to get a fake tan before actually getting tan in the sun. You get it?


No we do not all TAWLK like this while we drink our CAWFEE. There may be a few with accents but it really is not as dramatic as it has been lead on to be.

Bad Drivers

Have you ever driven on an overly crowded Turnpike or Garden State Parkway during rush hour? There is no way that a majority of us would make it out alive if everyone sucked at driving in the Garden State.

Bad Attitude

I don't even really know where this stereotype developed from but I am a peachy person who likes to smile but thank you very much for asking.

Bon Jovi & Bruce Springsteen

Okay, maybe a very large portion of us love these two musicians but they are naturally talented, put on a great show (and not just for 1.5 hours) and are from our turf!

We All Have Mob Connections

My dad is an electrician and my mom is involved in social work. And based on your flawed logic, if it is not me, then the mob connection must come from you.

Meat Heads

I feel like the protein shake drinking, gym going, tang top wearing population will be spotted anywhere near a beach. It is just inevitable. But I doubt they make up the masses.

Did I miss anything? Do you disagree with anything on the list? Comment below!

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