Sometimes the puzzling pronunciations of New Jersey towns have several variations as you'll see.

As is common in New Jersey, there's a 'local' way to say a town name and a 'visitors' way to say it.

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Using the word 'visitors' is nice given the plethora of ways we refer to out-of-towners.

Mispronouncing a town is one of the biggest tells that you're not from The Garden State.

You can't really blame those who butcher a town name. Often what would normally be the correct pronunciation just isn't.

Let's take Forked River in Ocean County for example.

Why would anyone outside of NJ think that Forked is actually pronounced Fork-ED?

Honestly, it makes no sense.

After exhaustive research, I'm still not able to find out why this Forked is pronounced the way it is. If you've got some inside info, drop me a note.

Most of these town names aren't so much about the spelling as much as they are about which syllables you want to emphasize.

The towns you are about to come across are from all around our great state.

Depending on where in Jersey you live, you may not have heard of some of these towns.

Only the true NJ lifer will be able to correctly pronounce all of these town names.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you see towns missing from the list, be sure to let me know at

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