An ex getting into a new relationship can sometimes be a tricky situation to navigate, especially if you share kids together.

One woman on Reddit is so furious her ex-husband and his fiancée didn't invite her to their upcoming wedding that she's thinking of telling their children they can't attend either.

The woman detailed that her two kids, 10 and 13, are supposed to be "junior bridesmaids" for the dad's fiancée, who she despises. The kids are "excited" about being part of the wedding.

However, since the woman didn't get an invite, she is now threatening to not allow them to attend the ceremony.

"I have two kids with my ex. My ex and his partner of 6 years, Ava, are getting married in three weeks and my kids are meant to be junior bridesmaids for Ava," she wrote via Reddit. "My kids are really excited about being in the wedding and have loved picking out dresses and hairstyles."

The woman added she "can't stand" Ava, due to her often trying "to mother my kids when they are staying with them and her family constantly refers to them as their grandchildren."

"My kids even call them Nana and Pop," she continued. "Ava also doesn't back me up on issues that I have with my ex when it comes to the kids, and won't answer my calls or texts unless the kids are at their dad's. Aside from that, she ignores me because 'she shouldn't get in the middle of parenting issues.'"

The mother-of-two continued that Ava "also refuses to be alone with me when we do the drop-off and pick-up. When I demanded to know why she said it's because I make her uncomfortable as I'm always running down my ex and talking about all the crap things he did in our relationship."

Samantha Gades via Unsplash
Samantha Gades via Unsplash

After finding out she wasn't invited to her ex's wedding, she confronted her ex-husband, who in turn told her he didn't want her there, but insisted she would get some photos of the kids from the day.

"I'm pretty angry about that considering I should be invited at least to the ceremony," the woman wrote, adding she's "thinking of telling my ex and Ava that I don't want my kids to be at their wedding unless I'm there."

In the comments, users slammed the woman for her request to be invited to the wedding, as well as for possibly not allowing her kids to attend their father's nuptials.

"They're your ex's kids too. And you're not invited to the wedding because you clearly hate the bride," one person wrote.

"Why on earth would you expect to be invited to your ex's wedding?! Get over yourself. They, quite reasonably, don't want you there for obvious reasons. Do you ever stop to think about anyone other than your own ego?" another user commented.

"Weaponizing your children against an ex spouse in any way makes you an a--hole. Period," another person weighed in.

"Don’t punish your kids because you’re jealous that they’re building a relationship with their future stepmom and her family," someone else wrote.

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