Gas prices continue to drop and some of the lowest prices in the state are right here in Monmouth County.

According to, as of this morning (Tuesday), the top three lowest prices for regular gas in New Jersey are at Monmouth County gas stations.

The lowest is the Route 9 Lukoil in Manalapan near Franklin Lane at $1.49, and right behind that is the Raceway on Route 9 and Kilmer Dr., and the Valero on Route 9 near Tennant Rd., both at $1.51. All the above prices above are cash prices.

It's nice to hear that some of the lowest prices around are right here in our backyard. Just think about what gas prices were just a few years ago. Check out this bad gas price memory from from February 29,2012 when average gas prices in New Jersey were $3.60 a gallon.