I went on Facebook and asked a group of nearly 20,000 Monmouth County people to name their biggest pet peeve when it comes to living in MC. Not surprisingly, the beach and property taxes came up a lot.  Also, with all of the money we pay to live here, don't we deserve some perks?  Many of these are totally applicable to the rest of the Shore, and even New Jersey as a whole. However, here's what grinds people's gears in Monmouth County.

  • Bennys In The Summer

    Michelle was the first to mention bennys in the summer being a real annoyance in Monmouth County.  Many of her fellow Facebookers agreed.  However, some came to the defense of out-of-towners.

  • Parking Meters at the Beach

    Christine vented about how it's a bother to use the meters, specifically in Long Branch and Asbury Park.  This is especially a pain when you often have to drive around for a half hour just to find a spot.  I don't know how they could make this work logistically, but how about free parking for locals?

  • Out of Town Assumptions

    Robin doesn't like the fact that many think that just because you live in Monmouth County that you're originally from Staten Island or Brooklyn.  To be fair, there's a lot of that in Monmouth, but the assumptions get tired.

  • Paying to Get on the Beach

    Leslie thinks it's outrageous that you have to pay $50 plus to get on the beach...when you live there!

  • "Bicycle People"

    Kristen said:

    My biggest pet peeve is bicycle people. They ride in packs to the point where they clog up half the road and you can't get around them. If you beep at them they flip you off and still don't move. There are certain rules that they have to abide by but they don't. If I ask them to get out of the way or say they might get hit by another car, they scream at me and they don't move.

  • Personal Space on the Sand

    Dawn wants to know what's up with the people who insist on sitting two feet away from you on the beach when there are miles and miles of sand to take advantage of.

  • Boardwalk Lanes

    I love Susan's observation!

    When you are walking on the boardwalk and people coming the other way think that I can either jump over them or they can walk through me!

  • Property Taxes

    'nuff said. Thanks for all of the suggestions on this one!

  • Paying a Premium to Live Here

    Great idea, Christina!

    When you go to Vegas, they offer special pricing for NV residents to shows and entertainment. I'd like to see us year round residents receive preferential pricing on things such as lower beach badge prices, no cover at bars with an NJ ID or something along those lines... it would be a nice reward for us putting up with the nonsense of seasonal traffic, etc!

  • Hipsters

    Matt, you crack me up!

    The endless amounts of hipsters flooding our area. They come here with their unkempt beards and weird food with runny eggs all over it and act like they are owed something. I say, "go back to Williamsburg, Hipsters. And stop ruining our restaurants and bars with all of your crap!"

    NOTE: I have no problem with hipsters.

  • Left Lane Lurkers

    Stefano added to our list of grievances.

    People who think the left/passing lane is for extra elbow room and not for passing.

  • Asbury Circle

    Justin and Erin wish people could learn how to navigate the Asbury Circle. Don't we all!

  • Crosswalks

    Cheryl makes an excellent point. She's specific about Red Bank, but this is a county-wide problem.

    People who are using the crosswalk in Red Bank and have no intention of crossing. You stop and they look at you like you are the jerk.

  • Jughandles

    Amen, Denise!

    Having to take two jug handles to get to the opposite side of the highway. Wayside and 35, and Deal Rd and 35, for example.

  • Potholes

    ...lots and lots of potholes. Very accurate peeve everyone!

  • Beach Umbrellas

    Trish can't stand it when people don't secure their beach umbrellas and leave them unattended.  Maddy added that she's almost been impaled too many times.

  • Yard / Campaign Signs

    Cathy's correct when she says many go up, but few get taken back down.

  • No Left Turns?

    Many of us are not crazy about the whole "no left turn thing" here in Jersey and Monmouth. But Maria is spot on when she says it's a pet peeve and downright dangerous when people make illegal left turns. Aren't there signs everywhere?

  • Route 36 Intersections

    From Patrick:

    Route 36 intersections in West Long Branch where everyone jumps into the 100ft of left lane (used for Monmouth park) but apparently open for some to do a drag race and cut off 20 cars waiting on the traffic light. Never seems to be any shortage of road rage, especially during the rush hours. Oh, and on the westbound side near Shop Rite when 3-4 cars always race down the right lane to cut traffic and pass on the right.

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