If you're like me, when you pick up a pizza, you don't pay much attention to the box. A Monmouth County pizza joint is looking to change that.

Angelo's Pizza in Matawan is known for never disappointing with their pies. But lately, people are buzzing more about their pizza boxes.

John Sanfratello told The Patch that he saw a young woman post of Facebook that her cat was missing. He reached out to her offering to put flyers up in the pizzeria. Before John could print the flyers he said to The Patch:

I looked up and saw the three to four hundred empty pizza cartons we always have stacked against our wall. That's when it hit me. We used to do this with kids on milk cartons, why couldn't we put a photo of a missing pet on a pizza box?

How brilliant is this?

The girl's cat was found before John put his idea into action. He posted the idea on Facebook, and according to John, five pet owners reached out asking if he would be willing to feature their missing pet on Angelo's pizza boxes.

Angelo's Pizza
Angelo's Pizza

Angelo's is taking on the cost to print the flyers that are on their pizza boxes. He told The Patch that he would not accept money for the good deed if it was offered to him, adding:

This is just about helping the community and helping people. I know how important people's pets are to them.

Kudos and thank you to John and the staff at Angelo's. I hope this idea spreads like wildfire. However, we'll always remember where the concept all started.

[source: The Patch]

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