We all know property taxes in NJ are ridiculously high, but you won't believe where Monmouth County ranks when compared to other counties across the U.S.!

A new report has ranked every county by property tax amounts.

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Start with the fact that there are more than 3,000 counties in the entire country.

With the average tax bill of $7,205, Monmouth County comes in 13th.

13th out of 3000-plus.

That's crazy...until you realize that 7 of the top 10 counties are in Jersey. (Lucky us.) The top spot went to New York's Westchester County.

The Top 15 Property Tax Bills by County

  1. Westchester County (NY) - $9,647
  2. Nassau County (NY) - $9,080
  3. Bergen County -  $8,893
  4. Hunterdon County - $8,764
  5. Rockland County (NY) - $8,762
  6. Essex County - $8,541
  7. Morris County - $8,165
  8. Somerset County - $8,058
  9. Passaic County - $8,047
  10. Union County - $7,944
  11. Putnam County (NY) - $7,689
  12. Suffolk County (NY) - $7,600
  13. Monmouth County - $7,205
  14. Hudson County - $6,761
  15. Lake County (Il) - $6,570

Yikes. Ocean County came in at 50th with an average bill of $4,519.

When it comes to lowest property tax bills by county, Louisiana fairs very well, but a far better choice seems to be Maui County in Hawai'i, where they pay an average $940 in taxes, but also have some of the nation's highest home values, leaving them in the top spot when it comes to percentages.

Plus, you get to live in Hawai'i, so...when do we leave?

Just kidding, even with ridiculously high property taxes, is there any better place to call home than right here at the Jersey Shore?

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