Monmouth County is famous for many things, including traffic and long commutes, so which town has the longest commute in the county?

You can make a case for several towns in the county. We have some tough traveling around here, but it turns out there is one town that rises above the rest, according to

That town is none other than Marlboro, which should come as no surprise to anyone who lives there or travels through the town. One thing you can always count on is traffic, where you expect it and often where you least expect it.

The average commute to work for Marlboro residents is 45.1 minute, which by the way is not only the longest in Monmouth County, but also the longest in the entire state.Ocean County's longest commute belongs to Little Egg Harbor at 36.9 minutes.

We spend a lot of time doing a lot of things here in the Garden State, but sitting in that car and trying to get to work seems to be one that takes a big bite out of any free time we try to have.

So good luck to all the commuters in the area and a special shout out to those Marlboro residents with that 45 minute commute.

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