Temperatures throughout the Jersey Shore are starting to hit the sixties and relaxing on the beach in a bathing suit might be uncomfortably chilly. However, now is the perfect time for outdoor adventures! Whether that’s going to your favorite winery or enjoying a hike in the park, the Jersey Shore is filled with fun outdoor activities.

For example, on Saturday I had the great pleasure of watching horse racing at Monmouth Park! COVID-19 restrictions were in place but it still felt like the same legendary Monmouth Park experience. Masks were required but there was plenty of space for spectators to socially distance throughout the park. I was having an awesome time!

Now, I am in the radio business for a few reasons and one of them is because I can’t do anything with numbers. Being a math teacher or a research analyst are occupations that will never be in the cards for someone like me. Sooo figuring out racing odds and statistics was a challenge but I did pick a couple winners! “Share the Ride” and “Spitball” were my big winners for the day. My two dollar bets turned into million dollar winnings… well at least that’s what it felt like. I was picking my favorite horses off of looks, colors and names. That’s the little kid thing to do but winning two out of six races is a win in my horse racing world.

All in all, the atmosphere was refreshing! To think a few months ago we were locked in our homes and now we are out and about spending time outside watching LIVE sports. This was also the first time I was able to see the Sports Book and you can tell that will economically help the state of New Jersey. That part of the building was packed!

Even though the temperatures are dropping and summer is pretty much over, grab your favorite fleece, get outside and enjoy the wonderful outdoor adventures the Jersey Shore has to offer!

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