In this age of apps, video games, and super-shortened attention spans, games like Monopoly have lost their appeal.

The game-maker is trying to appeal to a new demographic by changing the game, and those of us used to the original will probably think the new version shouldn't even count as Monopoly!

An original report claimed the game, would do away with the jail space to make playing the game faster.

Well, fans were outraged, but Huffington Post reports that we can all relax and live up to our dream of faux imprisonment.

First things first, the new version of the game is called 'Monopoly Empire.'


The new game will get rid of properties, instead having players buy their favorite brands and posting their billboards on their game tower. (Ugh. Because we aren't bombarded by advertisements enough already??)

The jail space is still there for everyone's enjoyment.

This version can reportedly be completed in as little as 30 minutes, but let's be serious, that's not the Monopoly we all know and love.

We've all done it at least once: you decide to play a board game, someone optimistically suggests Monopoly, you all start playing and 3 hours later someone else is storming off in a rage-y fit while 2 others are sulking and/or crying in the corner.

It's a marathon of emotions, among other things, and dammit, it's a rite of passage for every family!

Lucky for us, the classic version of Monopoly is still available. Phew. Now go already, it's your turn!!!

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