A beer hall in Atlantic City has added an even more local flare to the Monopoly board game with the debut of a few brand new murals.

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall, part of A.C.'s Orange Loop, has matched local artists with five paintings now gracing the perimeter of its outdoor dining space, NJ.com reports.

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We're particularly entertained by the mural created by artist Shari Tobias, and her rendition of Monopoly's Rich Uncle Pennybags recreating Atlantic City's famous Diving Horse attraction.

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall reportedly partnered up with Atlantic City Arts Foundation to bring the murals to life and to showcase local talent.

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall/Facebook
Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall/Facebook

The murals are centered around St. James Place, Tennessee Avenue, and New York Avenue, according to NJ.com,  the 'properties' for sale on a standard Monopoly board that represent the Orange Loop.

Each of the murals are exquisite in their own way, and such a love letter, not only to Monopoly but to Atlantic City.

Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall/Facebook
Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall/Facebook

Such a FANTASTIC idea, Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall! We applaud ya, especially for supporting local arts.

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