A crazy cheeseburger featured in the new movie 'The Menu' has everyone talking. Now, you can find one just like it being served in Atlantic City.

In the critically acclaimed 'The Menu', Chef Slowick, played by Ralph Fiennes, serves diners a gourmet burger with “No F###ing substitutions!”

If you've seen the movie and found yourself salivating over said cheeseburger, you might want to plan a visit to Atlantic City in the very near future.

Taking a page out of Chef Slowick's cookbook, Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall Chef  Soreth has created his own masterpiece.

'The Menu Cheeseburger' at Tennessee Ave. is made with two all-beef smash patties 'properly' seasoned, topped with two slices of yellow American cheese, special burger sauce, homemade pickle chips and, mouthwateringly, thinly shaved yellow onion, all in the middle of a buttered and grilled sesame brioche roll. Perfectly fried and seasoned shoestring fries complete this dish, which costs just $15. But it's only being served for a limited time.

courtesy Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall; Lisa Johnson Communications
courtesy Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall; Lisa Johnson Communications

No offense to the fictional Chef Slowick, but my money's on the REAL Chef Chuck Soreth to have made a burger even more delicious than anything that could be captured on the big screen.

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Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall is located at 133 S Tennessee Ave, Atlantic City, NJ.

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