Attention ballers: your money is about to look different (again.)

If you're lucky enough to ever have your hands on $100 bills (what's that like?) you may soon see some that look fake, but don't worry, it's not Monopoly money.

The new $100 bill starts circulating today. (

Starting today, the Federal Reserve will begin circulating the redesigned notes.

The new design has a 3-D security ribbon, raised printing, a watermark portrait of Ben Franklin, a security thread --that glows pink under UV light!-- and some cool color-shifting graphics, like a bell in an inkwell that goes from copper to green depending on how you look at it.

You'll also notice the signature dark oval surrounding the portrait is gone from the new bill.

The old $100 looks especially drab compared with the new one. (Treasury Dept.)

The updated currency is supposed to make the money harder to counterfeit...funny because the new bills always look so fake!

You can play with the new features by clicking HERE.

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