Lengthy power outages, property damage, lack of information...it all seems never-ending and it's starting to get to all of us.

There is only so much Monopoly one family can play...and reading by flashlight is exciting for about 5 minutes, and then you realize it gives you a headache.

We were all finally starting to feel a teensy bit normal again as power was restored and then came the snow...heavy wet snow that made shoveling a real work out.

Driving has become a test of faith...as it seems power lines and trees could come down at any time.

We are Jersey Strong, and we are resilient, but seriously, it's getting tough to stay strong.

I've found that helping others seems to make things easier, and even the littlest things can make everyone feel better.

So how are you coping? What are you doing to stay sane? Share your suggestions below and let's continue to work together to Restore the Shore.