For years my mom told me I must just be extra sweet and that's why I get bit up at dawn and dusk all summer long while others can relax. I thought it was just something you'd say to a kid...but there is truth to it.Despite our hatred of these pests, here are some facts:

1. Mosquitoes are excellend bad weather fliers.

2. There are a lot of them in the world. (No, really?)

3. Some of them carry diseases and are very dangerous.

4. Not every species of mosquitoes sucks blood.

5. Some mosquitoes actually serve an ecological purpose since some birds eat them.

6. They're very good at picking up our scents. (And they loooooooove mine.)

7. Some people really do attract mosquitoes more than other people.

8. The pointy thing sticking out of the mosquito's face isn't actually sunk into your skin. It simply protects the parts of the mouth that do all the work.

9. A Mosquito's saliva enters your body and prevents your blood from clotting.

10. Sometimes mosquitoes have no idea when they've eaten enough and will keep sucking out your blood until they explode.



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