It was reported by the National Insurance Crime Bureau that just over 10,000 vehicles were stolen in 2020, the last year the study was done.

What may be surprising is which cars are being jacked.

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It's 2022, and with so many increased security measures, how are so many cars still being stolen?

For the most part, done are the days of hot-wiring cars and driving off.

Things have become much more sophisticated with the popularity of the smart key or fob growing every day.

Although, it's not always the car thief who is to blame for cars with smart keys.

In the most recent report from NICB, there has been an alarming 56% increase in vehicle thefts because the owner left the smart the vehicle.

Really? You might as well spring for a large neon sign that says "steal my" on top of the car if you're going to do that.

Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, and Range Rovers, are the vehicles that are being stolen the most, right?


Luxury cars aren't even close to ranking in this top 10 for New Jersey.

It really just comes down to statistics. The more car models there are on the roads, the more likely they are going to be stolen.

Many of the more popular models are economical cars that you can drive forever and ever.

After all, if one is going to go through all of the effort and risk to steal a vehicle, they better make sure that it gets good gas mileage, right?

The Most Stolen Cars in New Jersey 2022

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