How many times have you been watching a movie and recognized a location in New Jersey?

The Garden State has many film-worthy locations, but which spot has been featured on the silver screen the most?

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I came across an article that went state-by-state to identify the locations that have been spotlighted most often.

Let's take a look at our neighbors. The Empire State wasn't too shocking.

What location in New York has been filmed the most?

Photo by michal dziekonski on Unsplash
Photo by michal dziekonski on Unsplash

You got it. Central Park.

Literally, hundreds of films have been shot in this iconic location going back as far as 1908. Possibly even farther back.

This flick from Central Park is one of my favorites.

Now, let's go west for a minute.

What location in Pennsylvania has been filmed the most?

This one should be pretty easy to figure out.

Photo by Daniel Bernard on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Bernard on Unsplash

Can you hear the "Rocky" theme in your head?

The Philadelphia Museum of Arts is PA's most filmed location.

The "Rocky" franchise wasn't the only series of movies filmed at this Philadelphia landmark.

Remember "Shazam"?

How about "Dressed To Kill"?

Both were filmed at the Museum.

Time to recognize New Jersey.

What location in New Jersey has been filmed the most?

My first guess was Atlantic City. Nope.

Newark? Wrong again.

Photo by Tim Alex on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Alex on Unsplash

It's actually the Princeton University campus.

One of my favorite movies of all time was set at Princeton.

If you haven't seen "A Beautiful Mind," watch it as soon as you can.

According to a blog from Princeton University, one of the first dialogue films was shot at Princeton in 1929.

There was also "I.Q." from 1994 starring Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins. A friend of mine was actually in this movie.

In 1998 Princeton was the location for "One True Thing" with Meryl Streep and Renee Zellweger.

Remember "Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen" with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox?

Parts of that film were shot at New Jersey's Princeton University.

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