Well, we have been talking about Valentine's Day and we are seeing lots of Valentine's Day goodies in the stores. Decorations, flowers, and candies are all set for Cupid's big day...coming up on Monday, February 14th.

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How about this idea though, ugly sweaters for Valentine's Day? I know we have them for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanuka...but what about V-DAY?


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How about some ugly sweaters filled with lots of red and pink and of course hearts, hearts and more hearts. Do you like this idea? Fun for Cupid's big day?

I went on to Amazon to test the waters and simply searched "ugly sweaters" for Valentine's Day and I picked out a TOP 25 for you to look at. Do you think you'd have fun wearing one on Valentine's Day?

Love to get your input and hear what you have to say about this idea...maybe a new trend? maybe just a goofy idea? let's test the waters and see what you think after you scroll through the gallery below and check out 25 "ugly sweaters" ...although I must admit some are so ugly as maybe over the top lol


Ugly Valentine's Day Sweaters

Take a Look at the TOP 25 Ugly Valentine's Day Sweaters from Amazon


So now that you have had a chance to look over the choices, do you like the idea of "ugly sweaters" for Valentine's?

Do you already have an ugly V-DAY sweater? Let us see it if you do, post your pics below...



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