I think it's safe to say that most of us have put the diets on hold for the holidays, which is a must when there are so many amazing holiday inspired goodies to try around the Jersey Shore!

Here are a handful of must-try treats:

  • Laurie Cataldo
    Laurie Cataldo

    Rook Gingerbread Coffee

    It's no secret that I love Rook Coffee. There's no mysterious reason -- it's just really good coffee. My current favorite is their Gingerbread coffee, a yummy limited edition brew with mildly spicy flavors of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. I'd recommend it with milk and a touch of sugar...it's like a warm gingerbread cookie in a cup! (Locations throughout Monmouth County.)

  • Dominic Livolsi/Uncle Dood's Donuts
    Dominic Livolsi/Uncle Dood's Donuts

    Uncle Dood's Nog and Gingee Donuts

    I'm fairly certain you could take a hot, fresh Uncle Dood's donut and coat it in dirt and it would still be the most deliciously sinful thing you have all day. Even better, treat yourself to a Gingee with cinnamon sugar and gingerbread cream filling OR the Nog, with cream cheese egg nog icing and nutmeg sugar! (4 Robbins St., downtown Toms River.)

  • 3

    Inbetween Cafe's Pumpkin Bread French Toast

    It's one of my favorite little breakfast joints in Red Bank, and I'm usually all about the specials at The Inbetween Cafe. When it's on the menu, don't miss the pumpkin bread french toast, made with fresh pumpkin bread made in-house, and topped with bananas and pumpkin cream. Decadent and ridiculous in the best possible way. (56 English Plaza, Red Bank)

  • Drew Araneo/Drew's Bayshore Bistro
    Drew Araneo/Drew's Bayshore Bistro

    Holiday Desserts at Drew's Bayshore Bistro

    This Keyport eatery was TWICE-voted as Best Restaurant at the Jersey -- and it's because Chef Drew Araneo and his team are just seriously good at what they do. Check out the new holiday-inspired desserts at Drew's Bayshore Bistro: Tollhouse bread pudding with bittersweet and white chocolate chunks and walnuts, topped with chocolate gelato, and chocolate and caramel sauces; a gingerbread ice cream sundae with gingerbread gelato, peppermint bark, and toasted marshmallow topping; and a mason jar cherry cheesecake trifle with vanilla cheesecake mousse, cherries jubilee sauce, and graham cracker crumbs. Must. Have. Now. (25 Church St., Keyport)

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