Man....the second wave of COVID-19 cases are complicating things big time.

Motor Vehicle Commission centers are being closed left and right because of confirmed COVID-19 cases and you now need an appointment to be seen.

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Luckily, there is a new law being considered that could help you to avoid going into this public place that has hundreds of people going in and out everyday.

If you have a teenage driver looking to get a provisional license after passing a road test, you will no longer have to wait in line.

This new law will allow these provisional drivers an additional 60 days to get their permanent licenses. For the time being, they can use their validated permit as a temporary license.

“By delaying the requirement for every new driver to visit MVC in person to get a license, we can avoid negatively impacting the lines for motorists who need to conduct business in person," said state Senator Anthony Bucco.

The fewer people we have waiting together in close quarters, the better. The Coronavirus is clearly having no issue spreading among New Jersey residents and areas like the MVC where people must wait to get business done is its jackpot.

As long as you can legally be on the roads for the time being, I think everyone should chock this up to a win.

Kids....I promise you'll get those licenses soon enough! But safety first....

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