It wasn't exactly a bold prediction. I didn't exactly turn the cinema world upside down with my Amazing Spiderman prediction, but after over a month of getting it wrong, I'm going to enjoy being right for a change.

I'll be the first to admit, I said The Amazing Spiderman would pull in $85 million and it wound up with $65 million, but let's not argue over tiny details! I finally picked the movie that was number one at the box office! By the way, Ted was second with $32.6 million and Brave was third, pulling in $20.2 million.

So, now that I have a one week winning streak, the pressure is on for this coming weekend's prediction. I have to tell you the movie world is making this easy for me. Although there are several movies coming out this weekend, to me the clear standout is Ice Age: Continental Drift. I'm going with that, and I think it will bring in $72 million. Good luck to me.

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