I always wanted to get invited to a girl's night out or a ladies day, just out of curiosity. I just want to know what goes on when it's only the girls. Then I got the invite. I was the only guy invited to Earth Treasures Ladies Day.

I learned a lot about girls Friday. I learned that they don't trust their men 100% when it comes to doing the holiday shopping. Here's the story I got guys. We mean well, but we shouldn't be left alone in a store when it comes to shopping for her. Men, we should be open minded and listen to the advice our girls and not be afraid to ask for help.

Many of the women I spoke to said they would love anything their men got them just because they got it for them, but they'd much rather love it because you got it for her and she actually DOES love it. Imagine that!  

While I was there, I also heard about a really cool way to get a great gift for people on your holiday list and help victims of Sandy at the same time. It's called "My Jersey Shore Bead" and you can get all the details at www.earth-treasures.com.

So I wanted to say a big hello to everyone I met at the Earth Treasures Ladies Day this past Friday. It was great meeting all of you, and thanks for the advice for the men. I hope we listen!

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