Diane surprised me with the iPhone 5, and I love it! The more time I spent with the new phone though, the more I realized that it's way smarter than I am.

 It carries a better conversation than I do. It has more answers than I do. Let me correct that. I actually have more answers than it does. It just has more correct answers. It does a better job of planning a night on the town than I do. It's never is lost. It's always willing to have a conversation.

And the thing that scares me the most...it doesn't snore, meaning my wife will never send it to sleep on the couch. But before my wife starts liking the phone better than me (not that I'm insecure about it or anything), I would like to remind her that the phone does not take out the garbage, sort the recycling, mow the lawn or know how much chlorine the hot tub needs.

Actually, it probably knows how much chlorine the hot tub needs, it just can't put it in there. At least not yet. Just what I needed. A phone that's more of a man than I am in my own house. I guess I shouldn't worry though. Diane has the iPhone 4 and she hasn't run away with that yet...although she does spend a lot of time with it!

Regarding the headline, I think it's supposed to be " My New iPhone 5 Is Smarter Than I.." but i guess my phone already knew that!